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"Somewhere in the Great Desert, an ancient tomb awaits an eager adventurer."

Minimal Raider is my homage to the Tomb Raider franchise for the #tombraiderjam. It's roughly of the scope of a challenge tomb from one of the modern games, and it focuses on exploration like the old games did.

Watch out for the deadly traps and challenges that can be found throughout... only a skilled adventurer will be able to make it out alive with the treasure.


  • Movement : WASD / arrows / left analog stick
  • Look around : Mouse / Right analog stick
  • Jump / climb : Space / Cross
  • Roll : Q / R1 / Cricle
  • Crouch : Ctrl / L1 / Square
  • Drop : X / Circle
  • Walk : Left shift / R2
  • Menu : Escape / Start

Secret hints:

  1. The desert sands are keeping this one safe
  2. Don't rush through the entrance
  3. Instead of climbing up, climb down
  4. Carelessly left in a passageway
  5. Don't get distracted by the treasure

v1.5 changelog:

  • Improved colliders on spinning blades.
  • Improved animation timing for stabbing blades.
  • Pulling the lever behind the blades now stops the blades.
  • Improved crouch animation.
  • Improved ledges at the exit of the cave to prevent bouncing off and falling.
  • Improved player character model's face.

v1.4 changelog:

  • Pretty sure the climbing bug is finally completely fixed now!
  • The quality setting in the game now correctly matches the quality setting chosen from the launcher.
  • Reduced the lightness of the white blocks material to improve the readability of the shapes.
  • New app icon.

v1.3 changelog:

  • Fixed a bug where the player character would sometimes crouch automatically when detecting low edges.
  • Replaced the spinning blades with a better model and changed their layout so you can no longer walk between them.
  • Added functional levers to the pillar buttons.
  • Improved the shadow rendering.
  • Dropped support for DX9 in favor of some quaity improvements. Let me know if this affects you and I can make a new build.

v1.2 changelog:

  • Fixed the bug that prevented the use animation from playing when flipping switches.
  • Fixed the bug that stopped the boulder from killing you sometimes.
  • Increased shadow resolution on the High graphics level.
  • Compensated for the potential performance hit of the new shadows by adding color grading and fog to the Low graphics level, making it a nicer-looking alternative than it was.
  • Removed the SSAO effect for a cleaner look and a few extra frames.
  • Added a spiky floor to the axe room. Don't fall!

v1.1 changelog:

  • Fixed the bug where low obstacles could not be climbed when the framerate was low.
  • Fixed the bug where some ledges did not trigger the auto ledge grab.
  • Fixed the bug where you could immediately exit the game at the beginning by pressing E near the jeep.
  • Fixed the bug where the character kept running by herself in some cases when pressing the use button and move buttons at the same time.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the shadows to appear much fuzzier than intended.
  • Improved the layout of the ledges leading up to the button platform in the great hall.
  • Improved the layout of the ledges leading down to the secret in the great hall.
  • Added four extra secrets around the level for a total of five.
  • Added a toggle to the pause menu to turn off automatic ledge grabbing. This only applies to the saving ledge grab when running off the edge of a platform, not for grabbing a ledge during a jump. In manual mode you can still climb down by pressing X.
  • Added a respawn button to the pause menu to reset your character in case you get stuck somewhere.
  • Lowered the volume of the traps.
  • Added more foliage around the altar.
  • Added support for arrow key controls.
  • Remapped roll to Q to make it easier to reach.
  • Improved gamepad button mapping
  • Quitting the game after reaching the ending now requires manual confirmation (escape).
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(46 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Exploration, Low-poly, tomb-raider
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial


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A really fun adventure! Adding the secrets was a really nice touch :)

Thanks! Adding secrets was a fun thing to do :)

Thank you so much for this lovely experience!

The game reminded me of 'Nora the Explorer' that I had played a few hours beforehand.

This one seems a lot more thought-through though, and I will likely re-visit ist since I only found one of the secrets.

Loved the animations, the atmosphere and the difficulty. More please!


Thank you for the kind words, glad you enjoyed it! And you're right, Nora and this were both submitted to the Tomb Raider gamejam, it's fun to see we had similar ideas.

A few hints for the secrets:
1: the desert sands are keeping this one safe
2: don't rush through the entrance
3: instead of climbing up, climb down
4: carelessly left in a passageway (can I guess that this is the one you found?)
5: don't get distracted by the treasure


This is fab! I discovered this game because it's highlighted on the Climbing System Asset Store page, and am I ever glad it did. 

I'm totally inspired for my own platformer!

Awesome, thank you! And good luck on your own game! The Climbing System is really ace, it has improved a bunch since I used it here. Let me know when you get around to making something with it.


Ya, I sure will!

I'm contemplating buying that asset. Just feeling some buyer's remorse from the last asset I bought so I could do some of the things this one can do. Wish I saw this first!

Anyways, great accomplishment. It's fun to play.

I can understand that, have had the same with the two previous thirdperson systems I bought, but so far I've stuck with Climbing System ha. At least it's on discount for Black Friday ;)

Aw, man. The game was going so well until I picked up the golden relic on the rooftop. Then Lara completely stopped responding to all keyboard controls as she very gradually drifted down into where the relic's pedestal descended (but at a far slower rate), which was immediate after the relic was acquired. Even when she touched the ground down there, and even after I repeatedly clicked "Respawn" in the menu, she didn't respond to any keyboard controls, so I had to quit the game. It was fun while it lasted, though.

Oh weird! I鈥檝e not seen that happen before. Sorry to hear that, but thanks for reporting. I hope you still enjoyed the experience. You were almost done anyway.


As a long-time player and fan of the Tomb Raider franchise, I enjoyed this very very much. I really like the visual style. I finished the game with a deep sense of nostalgia, and I was left wanting for more. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

Thanks so much! I look forward to making more like this as well.


Hello, I really liked the game! I really want to know what engine it was made on ?! I want to create like the same.

Great thanks! It was made in Unity, and the other things I used in the making can be found in the credits section at the bottom of the in-game pause menu.


Fantastic game and the soundtrack is very addictive. Thoroughly enjoyed it. This game is more tomb raider than the latest reboot trilogy. Thank you very much.

Can't wait for the next game.

Thank you so much! I鈥檓 glad you enjoyed it.


Impossible to crouch under the spinning blades because they somehow get me even when crouching. Climbing mechanic is good tho

It's possible to pass the blades by crouching directly under the intersecting spaces between the blades. But I could edit the colliders to make it a little easier. Glad you enjoyed the game otherwise!


I played your game and had fun. Also, I misread the title and said "Minimal Radar" just a heads up (Skip to 7:14)




Loved playing the game!


Great game



We had a few bugs but it was still great :D


Awesome, thanks for the video!


The game has a great artistic style. It looked promising at first glance but I was unable to play the game because of the jump mechanics. I could not enter the temple because the character could not jump to higher places. Additionally, the color of rocks at the entrance is indistinguishable from the background white color. Could you please add some colors to make the rocks stand out from the white background.

Thanks for the feedback, I uploaded a new build that hopefully fixes it for you!


I felt so nostalgic playing this. As someone who grew up playing Tomb Raider Im very happy with what you have created! Thank you for making this!!


Lovely to hear, thanks for playing!


Very very nice work , lighting , level design , mechanics , everything is successful , I had a great time in minimal raider


This was a great homage to Tomb Raider and it definitely played like it. Awesome job! Keep it up!


Thanks, awesome video!


Amazing environment.


This game was loads of fun! It's so cool that an Indie game looks so much better than the first games it's based upon (meaning the old TR games).  

I wish there were more so that I could play more! If this were to become a series that would be amazing! 

There were some wonks and tonks in the physics but it didn't ruin the fun. 

Great job! :)


Awesome, glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the video!


It was a pretty good game! I made a video on it!


Cool thanks!


So it needs ALOT of work but I would play a full game. Also I found like six speedrunner techniques 

(1 edit)

oookay so here's an issue for me.
the climbing system doesn't work on my computer. i got stuck and couldn't get past the first tunnel because i couldn't climb the terrain unless it was tall enough for the character to do the reach over her head animation.

any ledge that was shorter than that and the whole thing failed to get the character anywhere. I only got as far as inside the tunnel by cheesing running jumps to get over the ledges...

i use a mac laptop by the way.

Thanks for the report. This can happen if the framerate is low - the climbing system times out before reaching the top of the ledge. We're working on a fix. In the meantime, have you tried running the game at something lower than  1080p, or switching to low quality in the pause menu?

i have, and it hasn't seemed to help much at all. though in all fairness my computer is fairly old so this sort of things unfortunately happens a lot.

That's good to know, though the climbing system should work regardless of the framerate, so we're trying alternative approaches for setting the position to hopefully fix this.

thank you very much! i look forward to trying your future versions! ^_^

Even with version 1.3 the issue remains. I still can't climb terrain. It just doesn't finish the climb and ends up making me fall back down.

Even when set to Low, which even if you have it set to Low at launch it for some reason kicks you back to High, the climbing system doesn't work. It times out with almost all of the climbable objects. Turning the tunnel into a great big wall you can't get through because the climbing system keeps kicking you back down.

Dang that sucks, I thought I had found the solution in 1.1. I'll try to find out if this was a regression or whether there is another cause.

Deleted post

Awesome, thanks!

Deleted post

damn! this was great! i really wish there was lots more levels! :D harder traps and stuff!! honestly, great job on making this game :D 

Thanks, glad you liked it! And thanks for the video. I'll think about making more levels :)

I really enjoyed this, looks wonderful, had no real issues with the controls even though I was using my laptop track-pad instead of a mouse. 

I came across one slightly frustrating bug, the second jump I made right at the beginning I got stuck, mid-air on the corner of the step.  It's quite tricky to reproduce, but it would be a shame if someone got a bad early impression. I've attached an image of where it happened.

I would be happy to do some QA for future updates if you need anyone to give it a good bash, just send me a message on twitter or something. :)


Thanks! And on a trackpad, nice! Will check out that ledge, there are some places like that which are a bit funky yeah, gonna fix those for v1.1. I'll ping you on twitter when it's ready for testing then, thanks for offering!

My pleasure! :)


Really liked this, it was good fun, really reminiscent of the old Tomb Raider games :D 

Thanks, glad to hear it!

If you go in the car at the beginning the game ends

Yeah, spotted that one too 馃槀Will be fixed in v1.1.


I loved this, buddy! Please tell me you plan to let go of tomb raider, giving the whole thing your own narrative and twist and mechanics, and punch out a few more of these? :D

Thanks bud! I have some ideas cooking where I can definitely use these mechanics now that they've proven to be good and practical, would love to chat about them when you're back :)

yes! let's chat when I'm back in march


Brace for something a little harsh:

So I was expecting classic Tomb Raider, but the jumping doesn't feel all that momentum based and doesn't quite nail the thrill of leaping large gaps. Not to say that it needs to be, but when the character auto grabs the ledge instead of wanting to jump off of it, there's a problem and this was a constant throughout. You could argue that it was the intent to go for Modern Tomb Raider, but the issue is those games don't really pride themselves on "jumping puzzles" as much unless you count "spot the white highlighted edge" as the same gameplay. Point is, level design feels like a classic tomb raider, jumping feels like an awkward modern raider, the two things don't mix well together.

The atmosphere doesn't really quite hit the mark either. The looping music really dulls the experience as opposed to implementing soundscapes and putting in musical ques for when you reach a new area or something significant happens. There's not much contrast other than the boulder scene inserting new music. It helps to rely more on ambiance and noise, and use music when necessary for an emotional change or discovery.

I also feel that getting to the series of ledges at the top of the first area to activate (the starting platform I think?) could have been more interesting to backtrack from. Instead you had to shimmy across the very ledges you climb up to. I really don't think wall climbing is that fun unless there's some kind of risk or thinking to it, instead they're just spammed along the wall to create filler and busy work. Not only that, but there's no way to jump down as a neat little shortcut, instead you pretty much die. Although by accident I managed to survive a fall near the secret green object (I assume that's optional). But I noticed a trend in a lot of games when they program ladders, it's always faster to go down them then it is to climb up, it's an interesting design philosophy that I think could have been used more here. When someone wants to go snow sledding, they wouldn't want going down hill to take the same time/effort as going uphill. That's kind of the logic I'm going for here.

Roll doesn't seem to do anything, and I got through the spinning blade section without really crouching. The timing puzzles before the boulder were pretty annoying. In old TR games they're usually timed in such a way that you'll get through them as long as you past the first one, but the obstacle usually isn't just the swinging blades but rather the crumbling floor or some other element that forces you to improvise while having to constantly run. Having to stop in-between each blade was pretty frustrating, and the timings were rather unforgiving. Again though, had a lot of issues jumping between the ledges in that section (where my character kept constantly grabbing it).

Overall there were a lot of movement glitches and odd behavior throughout. Kind of dulled the experience more. I thought the art-style and lighting was okay, but I've seen a lot of stuff like this before in unity. So I don't really have a glowing opinion on it. Sorry if this is all very negative but I'm pretty passionate about the old Tomb Raider games. And although I think the modern tomb raiders are fine, I do desperately want a return to old form. Mirror's Edge is the closest they got to that, but then the sequel went open world for no real good reason.

That's fair. You were looking for a faithful recreation of the original games, and I don't disagree that the game could be more challenging and  polished, but that was out of the scope I decided on for a small gamejam project to do by myself on the weekends. And I like the modern games too, so it's a mix of both styles sometimes. If I end up making more levels I'd definitely look into improving the gameplay mechanics, but for now this is what it is, and I'm pleased with it.

You do make a good point about the auto-ledge-grab, it messes me up sometimes too, and it just occured to me I could add a toggle for that in the next update, for people who prefer a manual climbing experience. The ledges I planned on improving too as I was forced to move some of them around on the last day of dev, so they could use another QA pass. And I'm looking into the occasional movement glitches with the creator of the climbing system.

Thanks for playing and taking the time to write down your thoughts  馃憤

the game looks great, but you constantly get stuck and i couldn't get past a ledge in the first cave.  no it's not because I'm terrable at the game, it's because the came puts you in a constant loop of climbing sometimes and straight up won't let you climb sometimes.

Thanks for reporting, it's a known bug with low framerates that we intend to fix in a future update.

This should be fixed now in v1.4!


Love the looks of it! Suggestion: configurable controls or at least arrow keys support :)

Will look into that for the next update!

:) !


Step up is broken. The sound in the game would be nice to change the level of the master volume. Since thins is unity use a volume mixer and change the master volume with a slider and simple coding. Great game has simple but amazing graphics. This feels like the Invector 3rd person controller but the character has amazing movement and animations. Keep up the work mate.


enjoyed your game very much so but there is some bugs like some of the parts where you have to climb its very  g;itchy and difficult to climb up or over  and in some parts its very dark maybe a light upgrade apart from that the art style the game play yet very short the sound all that is great love the game... 


love the game dude. awesome concept however there are a couple of bugs. one of them is when i keep getting stuck in the first part when i try to climb something and my character just keeps repeating the climbing animation and doesnt move. the second bug i detected was sometimes when i try to climb my character just jumps and doesnt actually climb or takes the climbing position but doesnt actually climb. love the game and all but please fix these bugs. ill stay tuned for further updates

Thanks for playing! There is indeed a bug with the climbing in certain framerates, looking into it.


Made a video



I was able to identify some bugs and did a basic speed run, hehehe


Those are good catches! Weird edge cases for the collision detection on the climbing system probably, but I'll see if I can fix some of this in v1.1 馃憤


Wow. Very impressed with how much you nailed the feel while improving the looks.  Love classic Tomb Raider and this is just rad. Thank you for making this!

Thanks, that means a lot!


Very interesting game, enjoyed playing it.

Glad to hear it!


I'm a huge Tomb Raider fan, so I'll be downloading and trying this game out - I can't wait to play it :)

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