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Entry for the Idle Thumbs Wizard Jam 4.

THOHH is a first-person exploration game in which you play as a pizza delivery person. Through a series of vignettes, you cross paths with the residents of the house on Holland Hill, where you make frequent deliveries. In the wake of tragedy, something strange looms behind that front door.


  • Explore a 3D environment filled with 2D characters
  • A short interactive story seen through the eyes of an outsider
  • A slow-boiling plot filled with ambiguity and simmering unease
  • Adult themes and situations (NSFW)
  • Four different endings



  • Fixed a bunch of typos, awkward phrasings and colloquialisms. (thanks to Ryland Garnett)
  • Your hands should no longer be cut off or floating when you play the game in a different resolution or aspect ratio.
  • Fixed the erroneously unlocked cellar door on Delivery 9.


  • Fixed missing hands during Delivery 2-13, a bug introduced in v1.1.
  • Disabled the save option in the menu until it is properly implemented.


  • Fixed the cellar door bug for real this time!
  • Added a check in Delivery 7 that prevents Rosalinde from closing the door while you are still inside the house.
  • Improved the triggers in the cellar in Delivery 10.
  • Your shadow now correctly reflects whether you are carrying food or not.
  • Fixed the unpressable Quit button on the ending screen.
  • Switched the antialiasing from SMAA to FXAA to improve performance a little, and apparently visual quality also.
  • Added a splash screen and desktop icon.


  • The game now creates an autosave at the start of each delivery, so you can safely quit the game and come back later.
  • Added a main menu, with a button to continue from an autosave (if it exists).
  • Fixed a bug where Rosalinde would fall off the stairs in Delivery 13, breaking the game.
  • Reduced the amount of times characters get stuck while walking in general.
  • Numerous improvements to the UI.
  • Fixed a bug where your hands would disappear when a submenu was opened. (Damn those hands, causing so much trouble.)
  • Attempted to improve performance somewhat by adding occlusion culling and some tweaked shadow settings.
  • Added a setting to adjust the quality of the postprocessing effects in the options menu.
  • You now reliably face towards the house at the start of each delivery.
  • The shelf in the living room was rotated the wrong way. My bad.
  • Fixed a bug where the glass door would open in the wrong direction during later deliveries.


This update focuses on improving the overall atmosphere and the variety of the scenes.

  • Added a musical soundtrack by the great Eric Matyas of www.soundimage.org
  • Added sound effects to common actions.
  • Added volumetric lighting and fog (can be toggled under options).
  • Added more intense and diverse color grading.
  • Added grass and distant trees.
  • Added textured skyboxes.
  • Added soft shadows.
  • Tweaked mouse movement to be smoother.
  • Improved player’s silhouette/shadow.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs.


Built in two weeks using Unity and Adventure Creator. Art, programming and story done by me, with help from story consultant Ryland Garnett. Furniture made by OneSquareFoot, nature props by Mikael Gustafsson, vehicles by 1Poly. SFX sourced from Freesound, music by Eric Matyas.


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

The House On Holland Hill v2 - Windows.zip 165 MB
The House On Holland Hill v2 - MacOS.zip 164 MB
The House on Holland Hill v2 Linux.zip 157 MB


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Hi, haven't played yet, just wondering if there's a way to rebind keys ? AZERTY here...


Hi, unfortunately there isn't, but thank you for asking, that's a feature I'll take into account for future releases.


The first day Rosalinde was there I managed to sneak in behind her and snoop around. But the door shut behind me and I got locked in. I thought it was a trap but I had to restart the delivery to continue haha. That's what you get for being nosy. 

This is a fun little game though, with a clever premise! But my favorite part is that painting on the wall with the ghosts, and how if you look through the glass door after a delivery, Callum is just standing in there in the dark perfectly still. Maybe unintentional but definitely creepy.

Thanks! Glad you liked it, and could appreciate the details, intentional or not ha

Day 11 when Callum is behind me after I ring the bell (when Rosalinde drives away) instead of going up the stairs to the house he just... phases through the stairs and the door opens by itself and then closes. He can't be seen inside, either. So yea. He just clipped through everything instead of going up.

Oh weird! That used to work. I’ll look into it.

(1 edit)

I played through a second time. That time I met him over near the carport and he walked to the stairs and then up them normally. Might have been a one-off bug. I'm not sure, I haven't done a third play, yet.

Oh that’s really helpful, it might be a flag that only gets set if you talk to Callum, I’ll check that out, thanks!

Wow, what an amazing game. Havent found anything so captivating to me in a while now.


Thanks so much, glad you liked it!


Another really nicely done game, Hedgefield. Very tense and atmospheric, neat stuff.


Thanks so much, glad you're enjoying my work!


I chickened out and escaped with Roselinde. XD Nuh huh, ain't no way I'm going in that cellar. I don't even like my OWN cellar.


Haha, good choice! Wouldn't want you to have to start avoiding your own cellar.


I really enjoyed this! It played longer than you'd expect for a gamjam type game!

Glad to hear it! And thanks for making a video, that was geat!


Wow, nothing but good things to say about this. Seems like you spent your time very wisely!



That was super good.


Fantastic! Really confident and effective storytelling with a cumulative tension. Nice visuals and writing, too.