Big update to THOHH coming soon!

Hey everyone! I want to thank all who have checked out The House On Holland Hill so far, and I have some exciting news to share:

THOHH will soon receive a big update!

I've taken the time to polish up every aspect of the game; The lighting and level details have received a lot of love, performance has been improved, I've added some extra content to the narrative, there's UI and UX improvements, and the game now fully supports controllers and control remapping. Basically a lot of things I've wanted to update since I released the last version.

I will also be releasing this new version on Steam, which is a cool milestone for me personally! You can already wishlist the game so you'll be notified when it launches:  But if you prefer the DRM-free version, the new build will of couse also become available on itch at the same time. Aside from Steam achievements, there are no differences between the two versions.

Thanks again for the kind words over the years, and I hope you'll check out the update when it comes out in March.


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No download yet? No worries, I'll be patient.  Good luck!:D

Thanks! It'll be arriving at the end of the month :)

Wishlisted and followed on Steam. Very cool milestone. This game has stuck with me even though I played it years ago now.

Ah wow that’s so great to hear, thank you! 😊