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Version 2.1 is out! Lots of polish following the 2.0 release. Read more below.

In Reconquista you play as an Incan rebel coming to reclaim a sacred artifact from the conquistador-occupied island of Huaca, off the coast of South America.

Reconquista is a short narrative first-person exploration game. It is the first 3D game I've made, and I have relied heavily on the Unity Asset Store to augment my lackluster 3D modelling skills. A list of all the assets I used is available in the game's pause menu.

The title is actually a play on the existing name of a medieval period where the Spanish reclaimed land that was taken from them by invaders. This was long before they themselves set sail for South America as the well-known Conquistadors, so I liked the irony of the fact that in this game you have to steal something BACK from the conquistadors. Hence, literally, RE-conquista.

Plus, Huaca is an Incan term for some kind of sacred object or monument, as well as the term for spirits in a state of being after death.



  • Replaced the lame ending screens with something better for when you complete the game (or die), and greatly increased the time period before the game quits (or restarts) automatically once you get there
  • Lowered default mouse sensitivity
  • Added a mouse sensitivity slider to the pause menu
  • Added a windowed mode toggle to the pause menu in the Windows version (MacOS version already supports multitasking)
  • Reduced the amount of conquistador spawn points
  • Made the Fear effect less intrusive
  • Replaced the artefact's pedestal with a better model
  • Improved the motion blur quality
  • Enabled soft shadows on the highest quality level
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Quality slider from actually adjusting some things correctly (mainly shadow and texture resolution)
  • Fixed a bug in the UI when interacting with the resolution dropdown
  • Fixed the normal map on the stone tiles texture


  • Gamepad support.
  • Increased size of the player to feel better-proportioned to the island.
  • Completely overhauled foliage and rocks.
  • New buildings hidden across the island.
  • Added 'puzzle' to get access to pyramid.
  • Added extra detail to pyramid.
  • Replaced artefact with a better model.
  • Added rain to late game.
  • New enemy texture and animations.
  • Enemy now attacks at close range instead of insta-killing you.
  • Improved terrain rendering (normal maps, no more stretched textures).
  • New postprocessing effects (depth of field, motion blur, tonemapping, color grading, anti-aliasing).
  • Improved fire effect.
  • Added in-game resolution selection option.
  • Improved default mouse smoothing.
  • Improved UI look and layout.
  • Proper occlusion culling.
  • Performance tweaks and bug fixes.


  • Added a checkbox in the pause menu to disable mouse smoothing.
  • Fixed the default graphics setting not matching with the in-game graphics quality setting. This might improve performance as the in-game setting toggles additional things like draw distance and foliage density.

Install instructions

Important note for Windows users:

For Nvidia Optimus users, be sure to right-click the .exe and start the game on your Nvidia graphics card and not the built-in Intel one (which it defaults to).

Important note for MacOS users:

MacOS by default does not allow applications from 'unidentified developers' to run. This basically means I would have to get a $99 license just to get my game to open. Instead, you can follow this guide from Apple to learn how to open apps you've downloaded from the internet. It's a hassle, I know, but thanks for taking the time.

You can change the resolution and quality settings from inside the game. Just press Esc and adjust to your liking.


Reconquista_v2.1_Win.zip (100 MB)
Reconquista_v2.1_Linux.zip (102 MB)
Reconquista_v2.1_MacOS.zip (105 MB)

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