Come rain come shine

Version 0.3 of WanderWoods is now available for download! It implements two new systems that I've been looking forward to implementing since I started working on this interactive experience: dynamic day/night/weather, and wayfinding.

Time and weather

With this new system, I don't have to author specific time presets anymore, there's a wonderful slider available in the UI now to set the time to whatever you want it to be. Prefer a morning stroll with the sunset rising through the fog? A late afternoon ride with a light rain? A midnight lark during a storm with only your flashlight to guide you? Or my personal favorite, a lunchtime escape at noon on a bright sunny day. For this release, you'll have to set the time manually, as there's a visual bug otherwise, but in future releases I aim to make it fully automatic, so you can ride from afternoon into the evening, or set the system to mirror your local time.

I've not thoroughly tested every time and weather combination, so if you see something weird or prefer less fog, more snow, harder wind etc, let me know.


Another exciting new foundational system is the smartphone. Currently it shows you a map of the area around you if you hold down the right mouse button, and it has a little blip so you can see where your horse is. In future releases I want to extend this map to show points of interest like the watchtower and other future sights to see.

This is also the first release of a MacOS version, let me know how it runs for you if you try it.

Thanks for checking out WanderWoods and I hope to see you again for future releases!


WanderWoods v0.3 177 MB
Feb 23, 2021
WanderWoods v0.3 176 MB
Feb 23, 2021

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