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Amazing! It's running very smooth on RTX 2070.

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A very well made experience, I really enjoy it. The different weather conditions are interesting and very atmospheric. There are only two things I'd change a bit: A bit more bushes and density and an optical difference between the ground in the open and in the woods (fallen leaves, broken twigs, etc., an overall brown color). But that's only my two-cents. I'm eager to  see more of your work!


Thanks for checking it out, and I agree! I’m still trying to get to that really dense forest vibe with branches and plants and moss etc, but performance degrades with every new type of foliage I add, so it’s a balance between optimizing and adding new stuff, but I keep trying!

Great! I look forward to the next update!


lovely surprise to see this from you 😊


Hi, I've been recording some footage of the game :D and just wanted to share some feedback with you :) hopefully it's useful to you.

-The main idea and the visuals are very good and work great :)

-I really loved the 2nd preset for the weather, I don't know if this idea could be hard to implement, but having an small menu to control the weather with some bars to regulate rain/hour/wind/etc. could be awesome in order to make custom presets.

-I've seen you are making the game bigger, when you reach a length that you consider enough you could add some water around the map making the limits of it make sense.

-Adding some relaxing background music could work very well.

-Adding some structures that look abandoned could make exploration quite awesome.

For it's current state the game feels awesome :) and it is quite polished :D.


Thanks so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to play and share your thoughts. I was thinking the same things, I definitely want to expand on the weather, add water, structures and little challenges for exploring. Hopefully soon!


Good to hear :D good luck with the development :)