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This is the vertical slice for Trusted Soil, a classic adventure game set in the future, which follows teenage boyscout Thomas Wild on his search for his disappeared father and the secrets that lie behind The Black Wall that surrounds his entire homeland of Hetian.

It was made as part of our graduation project in gamedev college in 2011. Concept and game design by Anne Bras, Music by Hessel van Hoorn, with visuals and code by me.


trustedsoil_ep1_v0.8.zip 111 MB

Install instructions


If you are experiencing unusually poor performance, and you have an Nvidia Optimus system, be sure to right-click the game's .exe and run it with your Nvidia graphics card instead of the integrated Intel one.


MacOS by default does not allow applications from 'unidentified developers' to run. So if the game is blocked from opening:

  1. Open your System Preferences
  2. Click on 'Security and privacy'
  3. It will say this game was blocked from opening. Tell it to open anyway.

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