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TL;DR: This is the prototype of a (finished) game I worked on in 2010. The final game is no longer available.


TijdTripper is a casual adventure game I worked on during my internship at Monkeybizniz. In this absurd adventure, the main character timetravels through thousands of years of Utrecht's history trying to recreate events that were instrumental for its legacy. It was developed for Het Utrechts Archief, the historic archive of the Dutch city of Utrecht, to give people a new way to interact with the history of their town.

This is an early prototype I made to test the concept. It has a lot of placeholder art, music and puzzles that were later changed or cut from the final game, but it gives a pretty good idea of the gameplay. Classic point-and-click controls apply, and the prototype is localized in english and dutch. It was built in Adventure Game Studio, so it is only compatible with Windows. Background art by Joeri Lefevre.

The final game was playable online for a number of years but is no longer available.


TijdTripper is een adventure game gemaakt voor Het Utrechts Archief tijdens mijn stage bij Monkeybizniz. In dit absurdistische avontuur reis je door duizenden jaren aan geschiedenis om gebeurtenissen te beinvloeden die belangrijk waren voor de stad Utrecht. Het was bedoeld om mensen op een nieuwe manier kennis te laten maken met de geschiedenis van hun stad.

Dit was een prototype wat ik heb gemaakt om het concept te testen. Er zitten veel tekeningen, muziek, puzzels en andere dingen in die uiteindelijk zijn verbeterd of geschrapt, maar het geeft een aardig beeld van de gameplay die we voor ogen hadden. Het prototype is te spelen in het nederlands of het engels, en je bestuurt het met de muis. Omdat het in Adventure Game Studio is gemaakt is het alleen speelbaar op Windows. Achtergronden door Joeri Lefevre.

Het uiteindelijke spel was een aantal jaren online speelbaar maar is nu niet meer beschikbaar.

Release date Dec 02, 2010
Tags2D, eighties, history, monkeybizniz, netherlands, Point & Click, Prototype, Time Travel, utrecht
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Dutch
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button


tijdtripper_alpha.zip 40 MB


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Very cool concept. I liked this a lot. Shame that the original does not work anymore.

Is the full version lost, or just not uploaded? I am working on an AGS archive, I would assume the full version is lost.

It is indeed lost, the full version was built in Flash and displayed in a museum for some years, but doesn’t exist anymore as a playable executable sadly.

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Hello, I am sorry for the late reply, That is too bad! Do you have the flash files? I would love to preserve those! I have my ways of getting these things to work! If not, I understand and thank you for responding!

Hi! I was wondering if the music in the game is copyrighted. I would really like to make a video on it, but I don't want to get in trouble.

Hey there! The opening credits track is a placeholder that came from the Back To The Future soundtrack, any other music I'm not sure. You're probably fine, but if you're worried you could just mute it when you record, there are no sound effects or speech anyway. Thanks for wanting to take the time to make a video anyway!

Thanks! I'll post a link here when I've made the video :)

I like the writing and I love how concise it is! To the point and quick!


Awesome! Thanks for checking it out and making a video, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!