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love it thank you so much :):):):

Thank YOU!


First time through I didn't even realize I was being chased until I was attacked. XD

Fun game! I liked trying to find all the small torches to light! Very nice set up too. Good job! Liked it a lot.

Thanks a lot!


A great game. Loved the atmosphere.

Great, thanks for the video!


First play through and found some bugs. Using an Xbox controller, running while holding RT and pressing Y put me into some kind of 'out of body' fly mode, where I could zoom anywhere, including into the locked temple. Pressing A put me back into my body. Also, the game abruptly quit when I got back to my boat after retriving the idol, probably because i was fratically pressing the use button, thinking i would need to in order to actually get in the boat. Didn't get a good look at the monsters as I was busy fleeing for my life.

Second playthough worked fine. A more threating monster and something to add a little tension in the first part would help to improve the atmoshere.

Over all a well done first game. I hope you continue to create.

Thanks for your feedback! The out-of-body mode was an intentional easter egg, I use that to create screenshots ;) Manually pressing Use to get into the boat would be a nice improvement yeah, if you were mashing the button you immediately skip the outro cinematic.


Hey, I played this game and I really did enjoy the atmosphere and the art style.

That's great, thanks!




Fun, thanks for playing!


Greetings from Germany, I really liked the game, the atmosphere and sounds were really good and I loved the graphics. The only thing I didn't like was the model of the monster. It was not that creepy as expected. Keep the good work up. :)

I also made a video about your game, you can check it out here: 

Thank you! Ha yeah, my 3D skills aren't so great yet so I used what I could get ;)


ending was confusing but i was a great game i wonder that thoe weird people are.


Really fantastic stuff, very neat visuals and the sound effects were on point. Nice job!


I love the game.

I think you should use what you've made here to make a (perhaps multiplayer via LAN or otherwise online servers?) game about Conquistadors vs. Natives, with everything from rapiers and matchlocks to the macuahuitl and atlatl.