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MaydayMayday is a short game I made in a few days for the #wizardjam on the Idle Thumbs forums. I got the idea from the Idle Thumbs podcast episode title "90's Cockpit Freakout" and wanted to make a short Top Gun-esque scenario. I usually make more narrative driven games so it was a nice challenge to make something that relies almost entirely on mechanics. It's a little rough around the edges but I like how it turned out.

Music is Adrenaline Rock by Sun Channel Music

See more at www.timhengeveld.com

Install instructions

Important note for Windows users:

For Nvidia Optimus users, be sure to right-click the .exe and start the game on your Nvidia graphics card and not the built-in Intel one (which it defaults to). I trust you know how to do this.

Important note for MacOS users:

MacOS by default does not allow applications from 'unidentified developers' to run. This basically means I would have to get a $99 license just to get my game to open. Instead, you can follow this guide from Apple to learn how to open apps you've downloaded from the internet. It's a hassle, I know, but thanks for taking the time.


MaydayMayday v1.0 Win.zip 13 MB
MaydayMayday v1.0 MAC.zip 17 MB
MaydayMayday v1.0 Linux.zip 15 MB

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