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Hey there! I really enjoyed playing this demo. The atmosphere is spot-on! The graphics and gameplay are also enjoyable! Keep up with the good work. I'm a game developer myself and I'm fond of indie adventure games! And it is rewarding to access the game still in development, for example, no walking animation yet, like a work in progress. Cheers!

Hey Eric, glad you enjoyed it! Atmosphere was definitely important to me so it’s good to hear it came across 🙏


this is still so, so good! very much hoping you do still have plans to continue this one, it's such a gem.


Thanks so much! I still love it too, the game concept will come back in one form or another.

is that release already or demo?

It is only a demo for now.


This looks amazing, love the setting, the characters, the dialogue, keep it up!


Loved the demo, waiting for a full release.

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Thanks so much!

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Loved the demo, excited to see a fully fledged game.

Thanks for making a video, I'm glad you liked it!

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Is this still in development?  Really looking forward to it.

Definitly, yes. Maybe not on the short term, but it's an idea I really want to execute. Glad you enjoyed the demo!


Exactly what I was searching for when I was looking for a detective game ! I love the art and the story seems very interesting ( a classic case with a something strange ) . I'm really looking forward to see what's coming up next, keep up the great work :D !

Thank you! :D


Great little demo, hope this project is still in development as the experience here showed a lot of potential. Even in the relatively short playtime I found both the characters and plot to be very engaging. Neat stuff!


Hello! I really enjoyed your demo, it built the world really well and set up an interesting future for the game! Good luck with the development of the game! I made a let's play of it here~

Cool! Thanks so much for doing this and taking the time! It really motivates me to keep up the development.

You're more than welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed the video and could be motivated by it :D

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Hey Will, thanks for the kind words! It's so great to hear you enjoyed the demo, and thanks for making a Let's Play of it, it was really fun to watch, and gave me some new ideas. Seeing people play the game and get excited makes me excited to continue working on it :)

When there is something new to play I'll definitely let you know!

I really liked this demo. The dialogue options were fun and really let you give the characters personalities. I look forward to seeing this project grow.

One bug I noticed is I think it is showing Marge's character portrait during what is suppose to be some of Caleb's dialogue.

One other thing is when I downloaded the Windows demo and tried to run it I got an error saying the Mono.dll was not found. I work with unity as well so I just copied the Mono.dll from a build of a personal project and then the demo worked but you probably want to double check the zip.

Thanks! Yeah I noticed the conversation with Marge still has a few quirks, I'll fix those soon. And thanks for the heads-up on that dll, I just upgraded the project to the latest version of Unity to make this build, so maybe something went wrong there.

All fixed now!